Friday, September 2, 2011

Fairies in their Natural Habitat

I love this pattern for fairy houses by Julie McCullough. I've made it smaller than suggested, and modified it a little bit so that each house is unique.

I designed this simple fairy to sell with the houses, but got stuck sewing their arms and legs on. My doll club recently had a little class on jointing techniques. I decided ribbon jointing would be perfect for these fairies. It allows the limbs to swing free while being completely attached to the body. In fact, it will be hard for little hands to tear the limbs off because the arms and legs are all connected inside the body. So, if you pull the left arm, the right leg moves with it.

I also love working on their hair. I've been using Homespun yarn because it looks wavy and the colors are so pretty with lots of highlights.

I've started an Artfire shop, so stop by if you'd like to buy some handmade dolls!

1 comment:

  1. These look great, I'm thinking about buying the fairy house pattern.
    I'm interested in the ribbon jointing, I'll have to google it.