Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Chinny Chun Woo

My doll club was fortunate to have Leslie Molen come for a workshop.  She is an amazing instructor, if you have a chance to learn from her, take it!

We chose to make a little Chinese doll named Chun Woo.  Our homework was to have almost the entire doll and costume finished.  We were working on the head and assembly of the body in class.  I made her shirt and hat from beautiful Anna Griffin fabric, and the pants coordinate so well with huge blossoms on them.

Here are her hand painted buggy eyes.  Chun Woo has a needle sculpted face that is covered with another layer of cloth for a cleaner look.

It's hard to believe the difference that eyelids and some makeup made!

And here she is all finished!  I love her so much.  The experience was amazing, from the new techniques that I learned to the little tips Leslie had for making a face more innocent.

Thank you Leslie for being a great teacher and for designing such beautiful dolls.  If you haven't yet, please check out her website or blog.

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