Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tuckered Out

Meet my new friend, Tucker Beano.  He is just a little toddler monster, but he's always getting into BIG trouble!  

He's made from the Mostro pattern by Project Puppet.  Their patterns are versatile and easy to follow, I'd recommend them to anyone serious about making puppets.  You will need some non-traditional crafting supplies (like contact cement) that you can buy at most hardware stores.  

There are two parts to the pattern- an inner foam structure and the fur or fleece skin.  My daughter thought that the foam was a new squishy toy to cuddle with.  

Once Tucker's basic body and head was finished, it took some trial and error to get his eyes just right.  He even had three little eyes at one point.  But without eyes he was called Cookie Monster by too many people.  Eventually, as a punishment, I started lecturing people about "live-hand" vs. hand puppets and I watched their eyes glaze over as they wondered what was for dinner.

Toddler clothes fit this little guy, so I used an iron-on of a Monster Viking that you color yourself.  It's probably Tucker's favorite Monster Sport team.  What games do monsters play?  Furball?

The best thing about a puppet is the reaction it gets from children.  I expected little kids to like him, but when a twelve-year-old girl played with him for a long time I was pleasantly surprised.  

Bye bye!

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  1. He is adorable!! Well done! I received my Mostro Pattern today. Great inspiration!